Privacy Policy

Shuttle Global respects the privacy of each visitor. Shuttle Global will only use your personal information provided by you to Shuttle Global in the ways described in this Privacy Policy statement. Shuttle Global does not knowingly sell your personal information or e-mail addresses to third parties for any purpose. All information provided by you is used only for the purposes stated on our website in order to service our visitors/customers, to provide and to improve our services to you, to process your requests and/or transactions, to provide you with any products or services requested by you, to evaluate your needs, to evaluate and to improve our performance, to diagnose problems with our server, to provide you with promotional materials and to administer our business. Some information might be shared with our agents or affiliates in order to achieve these goals. However, these agents or affiliates are required to protect such information with strict confidentiality. The information may also be used or disclosed when such use or disclosure is requested by you or is required by law, government agencies, regulatory entities or other appropriate authorities or is necessary to prevent harm to other people, to identify persons who may be violating the law, the user agreement or the rights of third parties, or to cooperate with investigations of purported unlawful activities. If you would like to receive updates and information from Shuttle Global, please click here.
In addition, your personal information provided by you to Shuttle Global, such as demographic or profile data, may be provided to and used by Shuttle Global's advertisement providers to create better advertisement services or other entities who may want to contact our customers. This information is shared with advertisers on an aggregate basis.
Occasionally, Shuttle Global conducts surveys, sweepstakes, contests or other events, in which we ask you for contact, demographic and other information. The information that you provide to such surveys, sweepstakes, contests or other events is used collectively for analytical purposes. We do not track individual responses to those surveys. The contact information that you provided for such surveys, sweepstakes, contests or other events may be used to send you promotional materials from us and/or some of our partners. Such information may also be shared with other companies who may want to contact our visitors.